A Most Torrential Rain

The mellow Autumn came,
And with it came
A most torrential rain.
The wind howled
The roof shook,
So many lives with it took.
The cyclone swirled,
The eye beheld,
And numerous structures with it fell.

Mellow, yes, mellow
Are the floods
In which multitudes of homes once stood.
Soaked and sea-ridden
Flowing in shambles
Towards its vast and new
Cavernous abode.
Mellow is the land-turned sea
From which thousands ceased to be.
Left hollowed and destitute
From the so-called mellow dispute.
And from which came
A most torrential rain.


About the Author

Kaitlyn Vaughn is a wife and proud mother of two. She is a stay-at-home parent and enjoys catering to the needs and happiness of her babies. She was born and raised in Cloverdale, Alabama and graduated from Central High School. She has published poems with various literary magazines: Belle Reve Literary Journal, Belleville Park Pages, Corner Club Press, Poetry Pacific, and Sweet Inspirations. She was also a Frequent Contributor to the Songs of Eretz Poetry Review.