Amaze Me

America, you stand by your white picket fence towns
modular suburbs and your guns.

Your cars have grown big, bigger, biggest
and where you used to have guts, you have belly fat.

You loll about your newly paved roads with its too green grass
and American flags committing all the old hate crime.

You want the drunken, the drugged, the most vulnerable
to quit or die, while it is you, America. You amaze everyone.

America, you are the one insane, labile, in need of medication
manualized therapies & bad legal drugs. America, you defile

your own soul and your people complain about getting sick
when they travel to Mexico and how the Wi-Fi is weak.


About the Author

Rachel Tramonte lives in Cleveland, OH. Her work has appeared in Bluestem Magazine, The Broken Plate, Common Ground Review, Green Hills Literary Lantern, Jelly Bucket, Slab, These Fragile Lilacs and Third Wednesday. She received her MA in English and Creative Writing from Binghamton University. She lives and writes in Cleveland, OH with her partner and their two daughters.