Art of War

As my last film project of my high school career, I wanted to leave with a bang. While one might question its legitimacy while viewing its production in an abandoned parking lot on set, “The Art of War” turned out to be one the best cinematic works I’ve produced. From New York to Seattle the film has been gifted accolades way beyond my expectations, and one of the central reasons for its success is simple—sound design. Without this key element the entire war feel of the film would not be convincing. The first introductory shot of the battle scene involved numerous elements in order to show a convincing bomb blast. It involved full synchronization of the actor’s movement, camera movement, dirt thrown from off screen, and post-production sound design in order to create the sonic wave of battle-bruised intensity created from that first frame. I remember my assistant director, Arman Atef, telling me on set how skeptical he was on the war scene’s authenticity, and I just had to keep reminding him—wait till post. Post-production sound design and colorization was pivotal to the success of this story, and while it took a month of post production to complete it was by far worth the end product. Overall, the production process of “The Art of War” was a lively, collaborative experience that I will never forget.


About the Artist | Born in Manhattan, but raised in Dallas, Cal Etcheverry‘s true passion for the arts comes from the element of storytelling! He loves telling a captivating story whether it be in the form of words or pictures. Etcheverry, of course, loves writing, and next to film it is one of the biggest outlets he utilizes for storytelling. Everyone has a story to tell, and Etcheverry wants to share his.


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