When God created
a chaos churning
the darkness deep
distinctions came.

Let me begin again:
a word is a distinction;
hauls things from
the unformed dark.

Out of a void,
named oppositions come,

like bridles
of world’s teeming,
or small flares
in a studded dark.

And under words,
this transient ink,
a seething fluency––
the roiled deep.


About the Author

Richard Brostoff’s work has appeared in Rattle, Texas Review, Atlanta Review, Epiphany, Gulf Stream, The Anthology of New England Writers, Confrontation, South Dakota Review, River Oak Review, The Distillery, Owen Wister Review, Contact Quarterly, Hawaii Pacific Review, Cumberland Review, Berkeley Poetry Review, Wisconsin Review, Eclipse, Red Wheelbarrow, Southeast Review, Willow Review, Whiskey Island, Magma (London), Verse Daily, and many other journals. He won the grand prize at the AEI International Poetry Festival, the editor’s choice for the Robert Penn Warren Award, and was a finalist for the Iowa Review Poetry Contest. My chapbook, “Momentum,” was published by La Vita Poetica (Atlanta, Georgia, 2007). A second chapbook, “A Few Forms Of Love” was published by Finishing Line Press (2012). He has been part of the dance world for a number of years now, and perform new dance and contact improvisation. He is also a physician and studied medicine at Duke and Harvard.