Even Closets Have Love

–       To my future lovers and past self

Give yourself the ultimatum
And let me choose:
You & love.
As I walk into your childhood closet,
Give me the honor to listen, –
To your first whispers,
Enveloped by your past joys
Stroked by your present fears,
Let me hand wrap future optimism
And place it under the Christmas tree. For you.
Every year as your frozen fingers caress my flushing cheeks.
succumb. Realize:
love and I are one in the same,
you can have us both; if you choose to let me.

About the Author

Julio Diaz is a junior English major also working on the UTeach and Creative Writing Certificates at the University of Texas at Austin. He is 20 years old and a member of the queer community as a Latinx person. He dreams in black and white and has an affinity for believing that magic exits.