Feeding Aries

There’s nothing so grand an idea about this work. Sometimes in my working hours I paint just what comes to my mind. Mostly my story is personal. I love to think that I have found my own personal mythology and that the narrative in my work somehow is drawn from this consciousness of a world half truth and half imagine.

The boy is feeding a magical animal from a Western Zodiac. The tree is reminiscence of the tree of life in the Biblical paradise. The woman is the boy’s guardian. She doubles as the fallen Eve from the tale of Adam and Eve of the Book of Genesis. The story of Adam and Eve serves as a point of departure for some of my paintings.

Although, in painting, I tend to render objects with a consciousness of doing a three dimensional projection, I am also at the same time aware of my partiality to flat paintings. In this painting I prefer to see the blue birds rendered rather flat in a magical setting in lively yellow.

This work is done in oil on canvas which is my favored material in painting, using both painting palette and brush. I do large work, may it be painting or sculpture. This work is one of my smaller ones with a dimension of 148×189 cm.

About the Artist

Cristina Taniguchi does both paintings and sculptures. She went to Serbia, Egypt, India, United States, China to join art symposiums, art residency, and art biennales. Her work has been published in several publications both in her country, the Philippines, and abroad. She has been into art for over four decades. Now she is in the mid of her art career. Mostly, her work shows her artistic iconographies which included animals and birds.