Siri. Alexa. Cortana. Google Assistant. From 2012 to today (2018), the technology market was inundated with artificially intelligent virtual assistants taking up residence in our homes and pockets. As technology improved and became increasingly woven into the fabric of our lives, these programs acquired ever more human-like personalities. For the Love of Google envisions society’s growing dependence on (or addiction to) technology as a complex interpersonal relationship, with all its inherent ups, downs, drama, idealizations, misunderstandings, and reconciliations.

For the Love of Google


About the Artist

Some composers found their love of music at the symphony hearing Brahms or Beethoven—Thomas Yee discovered his from the 16-bit beeps and boops of the family Super Nintendo. Though his musical adventures have broadened from slaying virtual dragons, he has carried music’s narrative power with him ever since. Whether depicting what amazing phenomena of light in nature might sound like, exploring the stories and deeds of unsung heroes during the Holocaust, or warning against the dangers of otherizing with the mythos of Leviathan, Thomas seeks to connect with listeners’ hearts and minds through the power of musical communication.