1. Sketchbook Series

2. RocknRolla


About the Artist

Born in Spain, Domingo Lozano Del Sol specializes in the technique of watercolor. He has been a professional illustrator for more than 10 years and has had professional tour in Spain and the United States, in the cities of Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, and California. Some of his featured projects include: Nike.Inc (USA), Lexus/Toyota Corporation (USA), Zumafountain Export & Import (USA), Robert Bane Fine Arts (USA), Fiaxlux S.L (Spain), Bacio Italy (Italy), Axarquia Tropical SL (Spain), Thomas & Johnson (Spain), Cipsa SL (Spain), and Amnesty International (Spain).  He finds his inspiration in rebellion and at the same time in the peace of the spirit. He works on projects full of details and keeps his creativity active. He is always looking for new ways to innovate, to survive creating. The art of art. To view more of their work click below.