Stop reminding me I am Black

About the Artist

Houston native by birth, Lakita Costner travels regularly to New York and the East coast to share her expressive artworks. Her prints are rendered primarily by hand and are known for capturing the engagement of their audiences. From the seasoned, unique perspective of artist Lakita Costner comes powerful, visceral, and rich artistic expression that will awaken an organic appreciation of the arts within the perspective of many. Art is life and your life is art. Art is as consistent and necessary as the air we breathe. Lakita aims to inspire the world to find their inner artist and stand out from the norm. She ignites the creative light that animates the soul. The collection evokes motivation among audiences to investigate further into the substance of our creations. All art is inspired by a unique narrative that the entire community is asked to appreciate. Design development stems from a fascination with both fashion drawings and color. The subject matter of each body of work is structured around a variety of lines, referencing shapes, and feeling textures. These textures form patterns that resemble the complexity of textiles. These elements lead us to question the visual language of the aesthetic of chaos within the fragmentation of our thought process. The medium of choice creates a blueprint for us to express our inner workings of intricate overlays and strong movements, resulting in a post-symbolic representation of chaos but still pleasing to the viewer. Each piece is hand-crafted, including carvings and layering of inks. One-of-a-kind prints are created with a playfully unique design process. Prints and artwork stem from various mediums including printmaking, charcoal, and experimental mixed media techniques.