Ink In My Blood

Speak your mind,
tell your story, and
write your history;
turn your blood to
ink of life,
indite by your stylus.

Make your blood write
that you may live forever,
let your fountain pen
remain eternal companion,
make it talk in your behalf;
Dip and Ballpoint pens-
sink in your blood-
paint them red
to give messages of life.

Turn Roller Ball,
Fiber Tip, and
Gel Ink pens to coding agents
of society’s DNA and RNA,
today’s events let the pens
code with your blood,
let the blood replicate,
clone, and reproduce
today for mankind’s

Put red cells
to work,
hire them to
carry your sayings to
desired destinations,
white cells-
train to defend against-
evils in the society,
instruct to shut down
traitors’ mouth, and
teach to draw you-
to people of like minds.

Whatever is your
whatever is your
it makes no difference,
make out of your blood;
put your blood to work
to perpetuate real and
historic lives through

Even in death,
people will say
your blood had spoken,
your blood had made history,
your had won battle of life,
your blood had created
imperishable testament.

About the Author

Silas Ola Abayomi is a poet, author, history, and cultural anthropologist. He has written over a thousand poems, covering all topics.