Loveless, Love Left

I am the house that love left.
Mama doesn’t waltz these halls no mo’
And niño doesn’t join her
Singing from the second floor landing.

I am the house that love left,
Papa searched high and low,
Under my floorboards, rotted and old,
On top of the gramophone
Inside my land-lined telephone,
Papa searched in the closeted spaces
Constricted but patient
The last breaths of Mama dearest
Coating his lungs with dust,

I am the house that love left
‘Twas wept,
But the salt’s dry now, and fragrant,
I carry the air of tears,

I am the house that love left,
The other heel that Mama didn’t turn on,
The one that broke down, the car stalled out.

I am the house that sirens danced for,
There are at least two ways for people to leave me
And Mama left through both,
To the road out front,
To the soil out back,
A divided being that niño had to say his goodbye’s to twice,
There was at least one way for love to leave me,
Believe me

I am the house that love left.

About the Author

Leo Brasuel is a 3rd year biochemistry major at Colorado College with dreams of pursuing a career in ophthalmology. He has written poetry avidly for years with a focus on the power of sound and rhythm. When not in class, Leo can be found making music, volunteering and enjoying the company of the friends that he holds dear.