These selected works reflect Marco Mori’s love for exploring different techniques such as combining real footage with 3D animations, motion graphics, photomanipulation, etc. The name of the pieces above are as followed:

1. J U S T I T I A /109/

2. P A T I E N C E /130/

3. C O N T A I N E R /131/

4. M I S S /146/

Below are his animations:



About the Artists

Born 1992 in beautiful Lindau lake of Constance, Germany. In 2016, Marco Mori finished studying interactive media in Augsburg where he learned some programming and a lot of design skills, but he definitely felt in love with 3D and motion design. Since then all his concentration and power went into his passion to become better and better and to realize his imaginations. Now he is working as a freelancer whilst doing his master thesis in animation at HS Augsburg.

In his courses, he tried a lot of different stuffs like combining real footage with 3D animations, motion graphics, photomanipulation and a bunch of other cool things. He is crazy about discovering new techniques and styles to improve his skills. To view more of his work click below.