Ocean Story

Will the tide pool be lonely
separated from his mother?

Will he keep the emissaries
from distant cliffs –
the urchins, barnacles,
anemones and periwinkles,
mussels and sea stars
alive until she returns?

When the clouds move aside
from the sky’s seamless dark fabric
through the night’s softness,
the moon will lean forward
and prophesize –

When your mother rises, the visitors,
clothed in royal garments,
will depart in proper order
into a wilderness
beyond analogy.

About the Author

Mark Hurtubise. During the 1970’s, numerous poems were accepted for publication. Then family, teaching, two college presidencies and for twelve years president of an Inland Northwest community foundation. Recapturing poetry’s euphoria and appreciation for the authors he read four decades ago, he is attempting to compose again by balancing on a twig like a pregnant bird. Recently, his work has appeared in Bones, Ink In Thirds, Atlas Poetica, The Spokesman-Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review and Alliance (London).