protocol: shoot to kill

When does it get better?
When it was flawed from the beginning
We live in a country built on
the chains and fetters
Of others
We live in a country where having blind eyes
is easier and telling lies
Is easier
And when black men die
It’s easier to say he had gun
Give him time at least for the crime if committed
But no they leave him
behind in the streets
They leave him to
die in the streets
They leave him
To retreat to the safety
Reserved and never contested
of the kills that they never confessed
While black brothers and sisters are left dead
And families are left neglected
Of the truth because they kept it.

When does it get better?
When people record the murders
And find themselves getting the short end
Of a small stick
The short end for getting people to notice
That black people die for no crime
The short end for wanting justice
For the cops who deserve time
Without them there will be nothing
Their sacrifice is everything
They get the short end
And a jail sentence
For exposing police to the public
They get the short end
For validating what a community
Has suffered from for decades
They get the short end
And people forget them

When does it get better?
When white violent supremacists are protected
When peaceful diverse protesters are rejected
There are people who think we should be segregated
people who are still mad that a black man was elected
people that are proud to be a racist
people who believe violence is necessary
To eliminate all non-white races

When does it get better?
When I am afraid of my designated protectors
When the second amendment only applies for one race
And if I’m seen with a gun
It’s suddenly open season
A hunting party commences
And I’m an easy target
To the men in blue
Because my skin color
Is a beacon
And my life could end at any
I am restricted by my own rights
Black lives were never given a chance
When given false hope that they could live behind a picket fence
Like everyone else
When we are still seen as a sore sight of society
It’s ok to damn me but not the cops
As they regard black lives like lamb chops
When our anger is regarded as extra
As if we should expect death
For existing as everyone else does
For fighting for a cause
That is justified
When black lives are lost
When it takes point blank shots
To bring a defenseless man down

we sit down
u mad
we stand up
u mad
our hands up
we dead
our hands down
we dead

being defenseless and black
is worse than the most deadliest diseases

protocol: shoot to kill

when does it end?

About the Author

Kaia Daniel has been writing poetry since she was very young and found it as a healthy and expressive way to put her thoughts down on paper. In highschool she began to do spoken word poetry for extra credit for her psychology class. After the amazing feedback she received, she realized how much she liked performing and sharing her work. Beyond writing poetry she loves writing screenplays, short stories and plays in her free time. Other than writing, she’s highly inveseted in social justice, politics, and spending time with friends and family.