Retrogress of Progress

A burning desire to move forward.
In the beginning, power is wanted at any cost,
Nature, wealth, society, religion, all on board.
Some made less than humans, some made Gods.
Progress arrives, the big become bigger,
The small become smaller, is this true progress?
Some think they have the right skin and think they deserve more for it.
Is this real progress?
Blood is poured, arms are engaged,
Fight, war, power, religion is not almighty.
A voice is heard. Tears are shifted.
Freedom and justice finds their path.
The incentive is spread all around.
Bonjour, Bom dia, Estoy happy, I am free.
Is this real progress now?
Women start to decide, at least their leaders, not their bellies.
A burning desire to move forward until ‘16 is born.
A monster throws shit in the air through a little bird
Little brains bathe themselves with its shit and export the idea,
In the samba paradise, a clown rises.
Art is turned into families’ enemy.
A society’s God controls bellies,
Controls what two pussies or two cocks do together
Controls the chemicals in one’s body.
Love and respect is put aside.
Charlottesville is marked with blood.
The Klan is back, stronger, influential, and protected.
Is this real progress?
An attempt to move backwards is unbelievable to be happening.
The past stays in past, buried but not forgotten.
What is next for progress?
Is this a retrogress of the progress?

About the Author

Everton Melo is an international student in Texas. From Brazil. Filmmaker, writer, and journalist.