Riddle Called Time

Published in Belleville Park Pages in 2014.

That lady in there is my mama
That man out yonder is my papa.
He plows these fields,
Tho’ not for thrills
To provide vittles for me and my Bubba.

That garden out there is Daddy’s
That rose right here is Mama’s
They’ve grown all along
Since the day they were sown
From the same care as mine and my Bubba’s.

The gate out front is sturdy
The fences prevent the need for herding
They encase and protect
Much to the equal effect
Of Ma and Pa’s concerning.

‘cross the road is my log house
Out there are the babes playin’ cat and mouse
They run til’ the set of the sun
Soon after they milk the cows.

Here comes Ma a’bringing some vittles
And here is Pa so frail and so little
They’ve worked and can’t shirk
The inevitable riddle called Time.


About the Author

Kaitlyn Vaughn is a wife and proud mother of two. She is a stay-at-home parent and enjoys catering to the needs and happiness of her babies. She was born and raised in Cloverdale, Alabama and graduated from Central High School. She has published poems with various literary magazines: Belle Reve Literary Journal, Belleville Park Pages, Corner Club Press, Poetry Pacific, and Sweet Inspirations. She was also a Frequent Contributor to the Songs of Eretz Poetry Review.