in the silence after you speak
in the silence after I don’t answer
static hisses over the line
silver and black bridging
an eight hundred mile

can you hear it?

cutting through the church
yard on my way home
I see a firefly / two / ten
I remember how you described them
on your porch that night:
tiny spots of static electricity in flight

alone in the bedroom
between empty sheets
that spark in the dry texas air
I look out the door at the vast
expanse of cloudy muted grey
rain crackles
onto the balcony like static

right there

About the Author

Nooshin Ghanbari is a senior English and Plan II Honors major at the University of Texas at Austin, where she was recently awarded the 2017 Regents’ Outstanding Student Award in Arts and Humanities for excellence in poetry. When she isn’t writing angsty poems, Nooshin can be found singing her heart out in countless choirs on- and off-campus and camping out at the many great coffee shops that Austin has to offer. Her work has previously been published in print and online in the United States, England, and Wales.