This Feeling

Lying on his bed, he can’t see much else
than the ceiling. Can it really be
that ugly? Painted not so long ago,
sky blue, for heaven’s sake.

He doesn’t like it, that’s for sure:
“I don’t like this ceiling,” he seems to say.
“What about the ceiling?” she snaps,
and scarcely can he take another breath

except to seem to say,
“I don’t like this ceiling.”
Nudging their daughter,
she mutters, “Isn’t that just like him?

“Imagine dying, and all he can do
is babble about the ceiling. Heavens,
why do you think he’d be so cross
about our nice blue ceiling?”

About the Author

Victor Altshul‘s second and third books of poems, Singing with Starlings (2015) and Ode to My Autumn (2017), were published by Antrim House, and two of my poems have appeared in the Hartford Courant. His work has recently been published in Alabama Literary Review, Burningword Literary Journal, Cape Rock, Caveat Lector, Chantwood Magazine, Coachella Review, Existere, The Perch, and Studio One. He is active on the board of the Connecticut Poetry Society and have given several readings throughout the state. He is a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Medical School and is on the faculty of the latter. He has been in continuous private practice of psychiatry since 1967.