Visions from a library window

Amidst the shelves of books, where fingers run across the keyboards, where ears are plugged and neurons fire,
I took the time to peer;
to turn from the screen to the vision,
the scene of life beyond the window…

As a blueprint, the bright sky arches up above
the rooster red roof bricks
running perpendicular upon the inclined ceilings.
The sun’s barred shadow casts scars upon the creamy limestone wall,
growing each minute.
Regal lampposts stand guard by the stairs.

Like a video clip
the brilliant lapis lazuli river peeks through.
Upon silky waves, a layered cake-like cruise liner coasts.
Striking white triangles sail past,
the breeze carrying

A panoramic photo, the structures glint below,
the sinking sun catching them like flint.
The rows of cars nestled beneath the arbors of trees above
And coin to pay for such a spot!!

A sketch,
of autumn crunches of leaves which sail in curly single file
as children at play.
Their parent trees stand proud and tall, some bouquets of olive sprinkled with mustard,
Some sweet potato flame on lamppost trunk
Others Jurassic fronds,
Yet again some misshaped florets in undulating rungs.

A scripted scene of walking students,
heads down,
hands to heart,
thumbs at work.
Some cluster together, others sole in their journey along the paths.
Some run, some ride, some meander.
I see a mother with her baby strapped to her chest,
another girl looking lost,
a guy gone bust.
Then there are the smiles, the laughter from below,
those arriving, and those leaving, and those unsure what to do.
The colours – how they dance! – of clothing, bags and shoes,
of skin and hair,
of Great Wall, Taj Mahal, Victoria Falls and Scarborough Fair.

What a screen it is glue to, a scene to relive
a memory to hold on to,
when we take the time to look outside the window
and to watch.

About the Author

Georgina Earl is a university student studying neuroscience in Perth, Western Australia. Poetry has been her ‘luxury’ hobby—what she likes to do when she has the time or needs time away from neurons and nuclei! She enjoys the challenge of drawing a picture of something in words and tying sentences together to transport readers somewhere new. In high school, she wrote for her school’s annually published book of poetry, but this is her first time publishing internationally!