Gallery – Peter Vukmirovic Stevens

1. Boulevard de Charonne 2. Rue des Récollets 3. Strasbourg About the Artist Peter Vukmirovic Stevens is a composer, pianist, instrument designer and visual artist. Stevens performs as a pianist across the US and Europe. His compositions are performed throughout the US, Europe, the Caucasus, and Japan. His artworks have shown in Los Angeles, Seattle… Read More

Visual Art – Sharp

Sharp About the Artist São Paulo based artist, Bianca Rivetti Burattini, has been developing her art skills through several years. Self-taught, the artist is actually an architect and urbanist and incorporates the knowledge acquired into her art, blending both experiences. The artist works with a variety of medium, looking to diversify her artistic vision and… Read More

Visual Art – Ballerina de Flores – 36X48

Ballerina de Flores - 36X48 About the Artist Danielle O'Hanlon is a visual artist specializing in acrylic on canvas and based out of the Monadnock Region. Being self-taught, she aims to create works that one can connect with and ponder about, that elicit strong emotion from the viewer. Her latest outlet is what she calls… Read More

Gallery – RF Pangborn

1. Libertine 2. Orthodoxy 3. Push it Down 4. They Know 5. You Said Nothing, Did Nothing 6. You're So Funny About the Artist RF Pangborn picked up painting again after more than 25 yrs hiatus, when he was in his early 40s. He listened to too much nonsense about being an artist and absorbed… Read More

Gallery – Florentino

1. Alone In the End 2. The Pariah   About the Artist Eduardo Florentino Morales is a self taught artist born and raised in Dallas, TX. He has been doing art most of his life. Thanks to his strict father, Florentino was always in his room drawing everyday. As the years passed he got better.… Read More

Gallery – Sonjaye Maurya

Artworks 1. Couple 2. Shades of Life Edit 3. The Path My work tries to discover the meaning of life, which though not simple is rather intricate and perplexing with many parts amazingly interconnected. Journey through various stages of life shapes us through its experiences, perspectives, soul searching quests, beliefs and creates an insatiable yearning… Read More