Gallery – Barbara Ann Lewis

Drowned Town About the Artist Barbara Ann Parnell Lewis is a ceramic artist from a small town located in the Alabama portion of the Appalachian Foothills. She creates forms inspired by the concept of genetic memory and the idea that we are extensions of those that have come before. Her forms are generally medium to… Read More

Visual Art – Rocks from Space

Rocks from Space About the Artist Leona Yu is a 16-year-old Canadian high school student studying overseas in Malaysia. She has always been interested in the arts as a child and she took a year-long ceramics course.     Read More

Gallery – Anna Valenti

1. Anchored by a Breath 2. Windows 3. Good Shabbos 4. There There 5. Take Good Care of Yourself. Get Plenty of Rest. 6. Sweetness of Doing Nothing 7. Held 8. Lobster Trap 9. Waiting 10. Better Together About the Artist Anna Valenti is a ceramic artist working in Boulder, CO. She weaves and pinches… Read More