Rachel Jeong Gallery

Rachel Jeong Gallery About the Artist Rachel Jeong is a Korean-American born and raised in Houston, TX. Entering in multiple art competitions and auctions, she curated her art skills independently, without attending studios. She specializes in realism and excels in creating paintings with fine details. Currently a prehealth freshman at the University of Texas in Austin,… Read More


Rêverie About the Artist Claire Tsui is a freelance artist based in Austin whose works aim to strike a poetic balance between flair and sensitivity. Her art has won in various competitions, and she was most recently a featured winner of the 2021 Congressional Art Competition. Claire owns five cats, likes earl grey tea, and… Read More

“…he loves me not”

“…he loves me not” About the Artist My name is Marcus Venegas. I am a gay Mexican-American artist whose art focuses on that of my personal life experiences. My pieces explore autobiographical memory (the “remembering self” as referred to in psychology) and my trauma, of which is symbolized through the specific materials I use in… Read More

Visual Art – Little Liam

Little Liam About the Artist Kate Truman drew before she could write. A student at The University of Texas, Austin, she continues to create when she can. This work is her first featuring prismacolor drawings and focuses on the intensity and malleability of color. To view more of her work click below. View   Read More

Gallery – Daniel Mabray

1. Edited Drip 2. Untitled About the Artist Daniel Mabray is an Austin based painter and visual artist currently attending the University of Texas as a studio art major. With a particular interest in human expression and personality, Daniel captures humanity in its vibrancy and bizarreness through a variety of mediums. To view more of their… Read More