Rust was choreographed by Ariel Grossman with an original composition by David Homan and Stefania De Kenessey. The dancers performing from Ariel Rivka Dance are Amy Ashley, Kristin Licata, Dantia Shaheen, and Kyleigh Sackandy. Costumes were created by Marianna Tsartolia in collaboration with Grossman. This footage was produced filmed by Christina Wairegi and Blacker Berry… Read More


Beholder is a love letter to our audiences who we've missed during this time of separation. Credits Jillian Mitchell- Choreographer, Director, Editor Alex Zhuravel- Videographer Professional dancers of Kit Modus with students of the UGA dance department   Beholder About the Artists Jillian Mitchell is a classical ballet and contemporary dancer, choreographer, and community leader.… Read More


Video Password: handshake De-Eschatology is a physical manifestation of the claustrophobic conditions created by the COVID-19 crisis and the yearning to break free from them. The piece seeks to draw attention to a heightened sense of touch, which directly results from the lack of physical contact many in quarantine face. The film's trajectory explores the… Read More

Chain of Circumstances

Full Score Description Chain of Circumstances is one of a series of open-form compositions that have occupied my creative interest in recent years. As with the other related works of mine, Chain of Circumstances explores aspects of recombinance, modularity, and non-linear musical structures. In this instance, the work is conceived as a series of disparate,… Read More

Don’t Let Me Down

  Commentary This performance was at the U.S. Open for West Coast Swing - a type of partner dance. My partner, Joel Torgeson, and I spent around 5-6 months working on it and competed in the Showcase Division at the Open. The piece was choreographed by Benji Schwimmer, the winner of season 2 of So… Read More


Soloists: Ajay Thatte, Sumedha Nag and Rupasri Shankar Arranged by: Rupasri Shankar Filmed by: Emran Shafaq Edited by: Anne Chow Audio Recording and Production: William Valero (@willsir3) Bheege About the Artist Anne Chow has been in love with storytelling and music her whole life. She is currently in her third year at the University of Texas… Read More