Humorous Micro Fiction from The Arab World

Humorous Micro Fiction from The Arab World Translated from the Arabic by Essam M. Al-Jassim The Power of Persuasion By Jamaludin Al-Khoudairi – Morocco I've never seen no one like him who has the power of convincing you with an idea and its ‎opposite, as though he was the last of the scholars of Kalām,… Read More

Through the Glass Darkly

Through the Glass Darkly Wren watched the last of the late autumn light shine through the crystals hanging in the kitchen window that made a dappled kaleidoscope on the sheer white curtains above the sink. The chickens went to sleep in their coop as the dusk settled in, and the grackles flocked to the roof… Read More

Amber Alert

Amber Alert         The train came to a stop and Molly got off with everyone else. It was the last stop. She walked with her head down trying to avoid eye contact until she bumped into a large man.         His cigarette smashed against her sending sparks and ashes across her clothes.         “Be careful.” She brushed them… Read More

The Harmacy

The Harmacy A scowling kid followed shoppers with a mop as they entered the Harmacy, halfheartedly working to preserve the white of the floor. With specks of glitter embedded in the faux marble, the tile’s effect was gaudy and bizarre, contrasting with the rows and rows of colorful vials, syringes, and bottles of pills waiting… Read More