Visual Art – Bubble Gum Body

Bubble Gum Body About the Artist Maya Hazarika is currently a student at UT, working towards her degrees in Architecture and Architectural Engineering. Her current artistic works are experiments in the expression of the human body using vibrant color. Rather than focusing on anatomical accuracy, she attempts to break the subject up into visually appealing… Read More

Gallery – Ronald Walker

Suburban Primitive Art 1. Behind Every Chair 2. Close to the Tree 3. And a Good Time was had by All 4. Concider the Ramifications 5. Enticement of the Masses 6. Above the Fray 7. Guard Dog 8. In Search of a Rainbow 9. Into the Pan 10. Long Daze About the Artist Ronald Walker… Read More

Gallery – Daniel Mabray

1. Edited Drip 2. Untitled About the Artist Daniel Mabray is an Austin based painter and visual artist currently attending the University of Texas as a studio art major. With a particular interest in human expression and personality, Daniel captures humanity in its vibrancy and bizarreness through a variety of mediums. To view more of their… Read More