A Bunny’s Life

A Bunny's Life   About the Artist Anthony Acri is a cartoonist, illustrator and a social critic, in the terms of Croce or Vidal, who lives in the suburbia of Pittsburgh Pa, with his sister and brother and are all that is left of a family of Italians who had coddled and both warned him… Read More

Gallery – Simona Bunardzhieva

1. Cannes Lions 2. Kiki's Cocoa 3. Love & Lies 4. Romance (Selfpotrait) About the Artist Simona Bunardzhieva (simoneone) is a Graphic Artist & Illustrator, Maker, Speaker and Educator. She has over 7 years of experience (though she looks younger) in the art of perfecting illustration and lettering. Her work has been used for packaging,… Read More