Charles B. Bowers Gallery

Charles B. Bowers Gallery   About the Artist Charles Bowers is a Virginia-based painter and illustrator. His work can be found at The Crossroads Art Gallery in Richmond, at The Williamsburg Art Gallery in Williamsburg, and in Hollywood movies.     Read More

Allison Clark Gallery

Allison Clark Gallery Story of Her Life: Dinner Party and Mindless Behavior About the Artist Allison Clark Since Allison was young, she has always loved art. Her skills were encouraged by my family and peers until high school, when she started taking technical drawing courses. She hated being critiqued for her unique style, as it… Read More

Rachel Jeong Gallery

Rachel Jeong Gallery About the Artist Rachel Jeong is a Korean-American born and raised in Houston, TX. Entering in multiple art competitions and auctions, she curated her art skills independently, without attending studios. She specializes in realism and excels in creating paintings with fine details. Currently a prehealth freshman at the University of Texas in Austin,… Read More

Visual Art – Shurijo Castle as Ukiyo-e

Shurijo Castle as Ukiyo-e About the Artist A Rolling Stones fan and a literal rolling stone, Beenish Khan has lived in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom before settling in the USA. Her love of the arts is innate and longstanding, and she is always eager to diversify her palate by absorbing… Read More

Gallery – Ian Fennelly

1. Amsterdam 2. Cheshire 3. Lobster Nets, Crail 4. Monmartre 5. Montelpulciano 6. Olive Tree, Orgiva 7. Porto 2 8. The Eastgate, Chester 9. The Shambles 10. Tower Bridge   About the Artist When making art, Ian Fennelly is drawn to the urban environment; where people interact with the busy spaces that surround them. He tries… Read More