long radio

‘long radio’ is a sound tapestry marrying analog feedback and electronics with manually arranged loops, originally recorded on cassette tape. It features FM radio, feedback mixing, saxophones, micro cassette, the human voice, and a hardware synth keyboard burying and reviving each other in a rotating manner.

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Incomplete Hexany Chord Catalogue (9:11:13:15)

Incomplete Hexany Chord Catalogue (9:11:13:15) is a multimedia piece inspired by composer Tom Johnson's piece "Chord Catalogue," which explores a microtonal tuning system devised by Erv Wilson called a Hexany. This video was made with Unity and Pure Data. It plays through all possible 2-note chords, 3-note chords, 4-note chords, and 5-note chords, followed by… Read More

Larghissimo in G minor

The composition is written for a chamber orchestra of violins and cellos. The performance is by electronic sound. Photography is credited to Suchoon Mo. Request for sheet music may be sent to: Suchoon Mo - suchoon@aol.com. Credits Suchoon Mo: Music Composition, Photography Larghissimo in G Minor (after Tchaikovsky's Barcarolle) About the Artist Suchoon Mo lives in… Read More

China Chalet

China Chalet Full Score Artist Statement: My scores are created to be inhabited by the imagination. I create a balance between enough and not-too-much information that allows the player to push out into corners, feel comfortable, and almost luxuriate in musical space. With certain aspects of notation left purposely open, the player’s memory must fill… Read More

The Web Opera

Episodes 1 - 3 Music: Michael Roth Libretto: Kate Gale Director: Kate Jopson Cast: Reuben Uy, Adam Von Almen, Stephanie Cecile Yavelow, Molly Connor, Loren Battley, Joyce Lai  Additional texts: Michael Roth, Alex Syiek (Ep2) Director of photography: Dana Fytelson Motion graphics: Lisa Glenn Armstrong (Ep1), Yiyi Shao (Ep2), Christopher Gaal (Ep3), Crazybridge Studios Sound mix:… Read More

Buddha and the Monkey King

Tête à Tête Opera Festival 2020 Composer: Anna Vienna Ho Librettist: Michael CT Lam The Monkey King: Lixin Liu The Buddha/Ruanist: Michael CT Lam Piano: Lingling Yu Conductor/Wooden Fish Player: Anna Vienna Ho Venue: The Cockpit, London Date: Saturday 19th September 2020 Description An adaptation of ‘Journey to the West’ by Wu Cheng’en, one of… Read More

Wire Spill

Wire Spill Full Score Description Wire Spill is a multimedia work for kalimba, electroacoustics, and digital animation. The simple melody serves as an anchor for the electronic’s complex tapestry of reversed and detuned kalimba samples. Noise is an ubiquitous component of the music, and shifts from background to foreground throughout the work. The visual component… Read More

Les articles de fond ne remontent jamais à la surface

Les articles de fond ne remontent jamais à la surface About the Artists Peter Vukmirovic Stevens is a composer, pianist, instrument designer and visual artist. Stevens performs as a pianist across the US and Europe. His compositions are performed throughout the US, Europe, the Caucasus, and Japan. Stevens is currently an artist-in-residence at Centre des… Read More