When I Go On Dates, I Eat Men 

There’s a dock that stretches out over the reservoir, a straight path that doesn’t quite touch the low-hanging crater moon. It’s beautiful and eerie. I could crane up my neck and let out a lonely howl. That would freak Daniel out, I think, although I’m not the oddest one on this date.

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Thoughts of the Mad and Discarded

Thoughts of the Mad and Discarded   A leaf, cruelly shucked from its peaceful perch, spun towards the earth in a mad sort of way. Its soft green skin had distorted into a rusty shade of red, and it was stiff and full of sorrow. Whirling like frantic helicopter blades, the discarded leaf burrowed into… Read More


"Turn" Full Score  Turn is a piece about change, it's about seasons, fall, most specifically, It's about cicadas, it's about their 17-year slumber for a few days of freedom.Turn is a piece about making changes. It is inspired by dancing, by turning, running, spinning,and making small, incremental changes over time toward something better. Turn  … Read More