Gallery – Mario Loprete

in cemento veritas 1. B-BOY - 60cm x 90cm (Oil on canvas) 2. B-Boy - 20cm x 30cm (Oil on concrete) 3. B-Boy - 80cm x 100cm (Oil on cement) 4. Concrete sculptures 5. Concrete sculptures 6. Fabri Fibra - 20cm x 30cm (Oil on cement) 7. GAMMA - 18cm x 25cm (Oil on concrete)… Read More

Gallery – Stephen Naish

Works on Paper About the Artist Stephen Lee Naish is a writer, author and artist originally from the UK but now residing in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. His work has appeared in The Quietus, Candid Magazine, Empty Mirror, Film Matters, Dirty Movies, and Albumism. He is the author of four books. To view more of his… Read More

Gallery – Emily Rankin

Fluid 1. Jawbone 2. Meteor shower 3. Conflagartion 4. Heart of hearts About the Artist Emily Rankin was born in Riverside, California and attended university in Abilene, TX where she received a BFA in 2011. Her body of work ranges from Graphic Design and Scenic Painting to collaborative performances with Verstehen, an improvisational and interactive… Read More

Gallery – Matti Pietari Järvinen

I want to color your life About the Artist Matti Pietari Järvinen is a self-taught artist living in Finland. He was born in an artist family and he started his own artist career in 2017. To view more of his work click below. View Read More

Gallery – Natalia Karpman

1. Summer Vibe 2. Blue Figs 3. Olives At Home 4. Sparkling Olives 5. Calabrian Winter 6. Better 7. Red Hot About the Artist Self-taught artist, born in Siberia and raised in the Far East of Russia, Natalia Karpman currently lives in Italy and paints simple things that "sparkle joy". She believes that a painting… Read More

Visual Art – Dream Turtle

Dream Turtle About the Artist Igor Zusev was born in Russia, February, 1979. He emigrated to the US with his family in 1989. His artistic photographic expressions started early in life with a gift of a point and shoot camera at the age of 8. A veteran of the US NAVY, Igor was his ship’s… Read More

Gallery – Matina Vossou

1. Lethe's Water 2. Aqua Regia & The Fingerprints of Gold 3. Obsession 4. Patiarchy's Tariff 5. Separation About the Artist Matina Vossou was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She is a self taught artist. She uses acrylics and a toothpick to paint. Apart from painting, she also loves writing. She has published a… Read More

Visual Art – Bubble Gum Body

Bubble Gum Body About the Artist Maya Hazarika is currently a student at UT, working towards her degrees in Architecture and Architectural Engineering. Her current artistic works are experiments in the expression of the human body using vibrant color. Rather than focusing on anatomical accuracy, she attempts to break the subject up into visually appealing… Read More

Gallery – Elly Kang

1. Sunshine 2. Shadow Play About the Artist Elly Kang started making artworks since her sophomore year in high school. As her graduation date got closer, she gained confidence in majoring art in college. So, she went to community college for 2 years in Associates of Arts degree and transferred. Now, she is majoring in… Read More