The Inexorable & Enigmatic Western Horizon

The Inexorable & Enigmatic Western Horizon About the Artist Swedish artist Gordon Skalleberg is known for his paintings of faces and people. Expertly capturing gesture and emotion, he muses about “...trying to see beyond the surface...we can recognize joy and sadness, maybe even a subtle lie – but are we really aware of what we… Read More

Botanical Girls

Botanical Girls About the Artist Valeria Amirkhanyan was born in a closed Siberian town where nuclear waste is still stored. Lifeless desert polygons, where there is not a single tree, created the dull look of her hometown. Valeria believes that deepening the connection between our deeply rooted nature and the real world, makes people careful… Read More

Prune, You Talk Funny

Prune, You Talk Funny About the Artist Jason Zhang  To view more of his work click below. View Read More

Gallery – K. Carlton Johnson

1. Summer Waves 2. Chairs About the Artist K. Carlton Johnson's work has appeared in Rattle, MacGuffin, The Diner and Barely South. Both poet and visual artist, K. Carlton Johnso, is currently living on the shores of Lake Superior. To view more of his work click below. View Read More

Gallery – RowanArtC

1. The Player 2. Wonderland Dream 3. Transhuman About the Artist RowanArtC feels that the work should speak for itself and invites the viewers to go wild with their imagination. The world within us (random thoughts and emotions) is a rich spring of inspiration for her work. Read More

Gallery – Mario Loprete

in cemento veritas 1. B-BOY - 60cm x 90cm (Oil on canvas) 2. B-Boy - 20cm x 30cm (Oil on concrete) 3. B-Boy - 80cm x 100cm (Oil on cement) 4. Concrete sculptures 5. Concrete sculptures 6. Fabri Fibra - 20cm x 30cm (Oil on cement) 7. GAMMA - 18cm x 25cm (Oil on concrete)… Read More

Gallery – Stephen Naish

Works on Paper About the Artist Stephen Lee Naish is a writer, author and artist originally from the UK but now residing in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. His work has appeared in The Quietus, Candid Magazine, Empty Mirror, Film Matters, Dirty Movies, and Albumism. He is the author of four books. To view more of his… Read More

Gallery – Emily Rankin

Fluid 1. Jawbone 2. Meteor shower 3. Conflagartion 4. Heart of hearts About the Artist Emily Rankin was born in Riverside, California and attended university in Abilene, TX where she received a BFA in 2011. Her body of work ranges from Graphic Design and Scenic Painting to collaborative performances with Verstehen, an improvisational and interactive… Read More

Gallery – Matti Pietari Järvinen

I want to color your life About the Artist Matti Pietari Järvinen is a self-taught artist living in Finland. He was born in an artist family and he started his own artist career in 2017. To view more of his work click below. View Read More