Gallery – Ann-Marie Brown

1. Esten 2. Desi in Her Mother's Dress 3. Texture of Our Loss About the Artist "Ann-Marie Brown's paintings shift between form and formlessness. She captures a moment of stillness, an image seen, sensed, in 'the blink of an eye'. She paints from the eyes of compassionate experience, witnessing life in it's raw infallible beauty.… Read More

Gallery – Ronald Walker

Suburban Primitive Art 1. Behind Every Chair 2. Close to the Tree 3. And a Good Time was had by All 4. Concider the Ramifications 5. Enticement of the Masses 6. Above the Fray 7. Guard Dog 8. In Search of a Rainbow 9. Into the Pan 10. Long Daze About the Artist Ronald Walker… Read More

Visual Art – Heart Ablaze

Heart Ablaze About the Artist Ari Cubangbang is a student at AuArts, cultivating writing skills and creating political art with messages that aim to change social perceptions. Hearts break, people leave, building up a wall of chains arounds one heart may make us feel safe. The fires of love are the only things that will make… Read More

Gallery – RF Pangborn

1. Libertine 2. Orthodoxy 3. Push it Down 4. They Know 5. You Said Nothing, Did Nothing 6. You're So Funny About the Artist RF Pangborn picked up painting again after more than 25 yrs hiatus, when he was in his early 40s. He listened to too much nonsense about being an artist and absorbed… Read More

Standing Cows

Standing Cows About the Artist Texas native, Anna Riedlinger grew up in the hill country. She spent most of her life denying her Texas roots, but as she progressed as an artist she has slowly embraced her roots. She is currently studying art at the under graduate level, in order to pursue a career in… Read More

Gallery – Florentino

1. Alone In the End 2. The Pariah   About the Artist Eduardo Florentino Morales is a self taught artist born and raised in Dallas, TX. He has been doing art most of his life. Thanks to his strict father, Florentino was always in his room drawing everyday. As the years passed he got better.… Read More

Gallery – Magdalena Patyk

1. Deep breath... 2. Don't judge me! 3. Knock Knock... 4. When you can't look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark... About the Artist Magdalena Patyk is a graduate of the Polish Art School and has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Her art is born… Read More

Gallery – Daniel Mabray

1. Edited Drip 2. Untitled About the Artist Daniel Mabray is an Austin based painter and visual artist currently attending the University of Texas as a studio art major. With a particular interest in human expression and personality, Daniel captures humanity in its vibrancy and bizarreness through a variety of mediums. To view more of their… Read More

Gallery – Steven Tutino

Artworks 1. Dystopian Love 2. Transcendence 3. In the Storm of Roses   About the Artist Steven Tutino is currently a graduate student at Concordia University in the process of completing an M.A. in Theological Studies. He obtained a double major from Concordia as well in Honours English Literature and Theological Studies His poetry has… Read More