New Mexico Deconstructed

New Mexico Deconstructed About the Artist Photographer Natalie Christensen’s enchanting focus is on banal peripheral landscapes unnoticed by most. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and influenced by her 25 years as a psychotherapist, her work features commonplace architecture and streetscapes and favors psychological metaphors. She deconstructs these scenes to color fields, geometry and shadow.… Read More

Gallery – Natascha Graham

Natascha Graham Artwork About the Artist Raised simultaneously by David Bowie and Virginia Woolf, Natascha Graham is a fiction writer, artist, and screenwriter who lives with her wife in a house full of sunshine on the east coast of England. Her work has been previously published in Acumen, Litro, Flash Fiction Magazine and The Gay… Read More

Gallery – Guilherme Bergamini

1. River São Francisco 2. Bees' nest 3. Fazenda das Areias 4. One tree remains 5. Man Window 6. Flies 7. Light and Shadow About the Artist Reporter photographic and visual artist, Guilherme Bergamini is Brazilian and graduated in Journalism. For more than two decades, he has developed projects with photography and the various narrative… Read More

Visual Art – Morning Mist

Morning Mist About the Artist Kat Kovalevska currently lives in London, United Kingdom. She likes being creative in different art forms, including writing, drawing/painting and photography. She especially enjoys drawing and taking photos of nature. To view more of her work click below. View   Read More

Visual Art – Fish Out Of Water

Fish Out Of Water About the Artist Photographer John Sexton aims to challenge the misconception that a photo needs a pretty location to be beautiful in itself. He believes above all, a photographer needs curiosity, creativity, and a generosity of spirit to create artful pieces that tell stories that will always triumph over evanescent sunsets.… Read More

Visual Art – Thie belongs to everyone, so enjoy the view

Thie belongs to everyone, so enjoy the view About the Artist Aurelie Crisetig (b. 1992) is a Swiss photographer and visual artist. She uses photography as a tool to explore the alteration of human memory in a world overwhelmed by digital entities. Working both with film and digital photography, her works reflect on the constant… Read More

Gallery – Mark Hurtubise

1. Jabiru Sunset 2. Solo Dancers About the Artist Mark Hurtubise - During the 1970s, numerous works were accepted for publication. Then family, teaching, two college presidencies and for 12 years president of an Inland Northwest community foundation. After a four-decade hiatus, he is attempting to write again by balancing on a twig like a… Read More

Gallery – Mane Hovhannisyan

White Mirror Gallery About the Artist Mane Hovhannisyan is an Armenian fine art and conceptual photographer. The preferred topics of her art are the reflection of the state in-between magic and reality, the correspondence of the human body to the natural and urban environment, as well as the discovery of old soviet architectural leftovers through… Read More

Visual Art – Lucky Shot

Lucky Shot About the Artist Sophia Shultz is a painter, needleworker, costumer, writer, quilter, and soft-sculptor. She goes where her work takes her, and have traveled often to distant venues. Sometimes her art tells her its own story, one that is quite different from what she had in mind, but her whole life has been… Read More