Hive Mind

Hive Mind Tenzin woke up before the sun came up, his eyes snapping awake and his mind instantly alert. There was no drowsy snooze, no struggle to rouse emerge from the comfort of sleep. There never was, not on this day of the year. He rolled over carefully, trying not to wake his wife Pema… Read More

extra, extra

extra, extra we found a monster in the graveyard hours. hundreds of birds had gathered around, as if in mourning. perhaps in fear. their beaks and feet and feathers were silent; the forest was just barely asleep. beside me, her flashlight crept over crushed blades of grass, insects like diamond dust swirling in its heat.… Read More


Hide-And-Go-Seek “Oh shit, I think I’m IT,” I mumbled under the thumping music. Stumbling out of the third club that evening, I started to regret my decision to eat that brownie earlier. “Ren, can you—this way,” Nick said, yanking my arm to save me from the curbside that threatened to trip me. He threw his… Read More