The Great American West

The Great American West About the Artist Mark Yale Harris realized his true passion - stone carving - in the 1990s. Having moved to Santa Fe, he was mentored by sculptors Bill Prokopiof (Aleut) and Doug Hyde (Nez Perce). Over the past twenty years, Harris has unrelentingly challenged and reveled in his creative side. Harris’… Read More

Kimberly Koltcz Sculpting Gallery

Sculpting Many Ways About the Artist I'm Kimberly Koltcz, a mom, a veteran, a business owner, a wife, a "me too" survivor, and an artist who loves all media. I have loved art since I was little but took time away from it from age 18-30. I then went back to school and received a… Read More

Gallery – Mario Loprete

in cemento veritas 1. B-BOY - 60cm x 90cm (Oil on canvas) 2. B-Boy - 20cm x 30cm (Oil on concrete) 3. B-Boy - 80cm x 100cm (Oil on cement) 4. Concrete sculptures 5. Concrete sculptures 6. Fabri Fibra - 20cm x 30cm (Oil on cement) 7. GAMMA - 18cm x 25cm (Oil on concrete)… Read More

Gallery – Anna Valenti

1. Anchored by a Breath 2. Windows 3. Good Shabbos 4. There There 5. Take Good Care of Yourself. Get Plenty of Rest. 6. Sweetness of Doing Nothing 7. Held 8. Lobster Trap 9. Waiting 10. Better Together About the Artist Anna Valenti is a ceramic artist working in Boulder, CO. She weaves and pinches… Read More

Annabelle Furrh

Head Game Strong   About the Artist Annabelle Furrh is a freshman Business and Plan II major at the University of Texas at Austin from Dallas, Texas. She enjoys sculpture and painting. Read More