Andrew Lincoln Nelson Gallery

Andrew Lincoln Nelson Gallery   About the Artist Andrew Lincoln Nelson lives in Tucson Arizona. He produces detailed semi-realistic and surrealistic drawings of futuristic or exobiological landscapes. He has a background in academic research and fine art. His work has been shown at Biosphere 2, Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, the University of Arizona and was… Read More

Patty Paine Gallery

  Patty Paine Gallery   About the Artist Patty Paine is the author of Grief & Other Animals (Accents Publishing), The Sounding Machine (Accents Publishing), and three chapbooks. Her writing and visual work have appeared in Blackbird, Adroit, Gulf Stream, Waxwing, Thrush, ctrl-v, The South Dakota Review, and other publications. She is the founding editor of Diode Poetry Journal, and Diode Editions.   Read More

Something That You Are Not Likely To Tell Me

Something That You Are Not Likely To Tell Me   About the Artist Katie Voyt (b. 1984 in Moscow, Russia) is an emerging mixed media abstract artist based in Cape Cod, MA. With a life-long love for the visual arts and world fine arts museums, she had grown from a child’s obsession with paints and… Read More

A Bunny’s Life

A Bunny's Life   About the Artist Anthony Acri is a cartoonist, illustrator and a social critic, in the terms of Croce or Vidal, who lives in the suburbia of Pittsburgh Pa, with his sister and brother and are all that is left of a family of Italians who had coddled and both warned him… Read More

Hailey Thielen Gallery

Hailey Thielen Gallery   About the Artist Hailey Thielen is a writer and artist who uses photography and handmade collage to satirize and critique the world around us. She studied film and photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2017.     Read More

杨龙YOUNG-LONG Gallery

杨龙YOUNG-LONG Gallery   About the Piece The discarded plastic bags are like the scars of the earth. People usually do not notice the shape of the discarded plastic bags. Therefore, there is no concept of environmental protection and recycling of plastic bags. But it does not mean that plastic pollution does not exist without seeing… Read More
The Eclipse (A Squirrel's Dream)

The Eclipse (A Squirrel’s Dream)

The Eclipse (A Squirrel's Dream)   About the Artist Gilmore Tamny is an artist, writer, and musician. Her artwork has appeared in literary magazines and gallery shows. She’s played in numerous bands, including The Yips, Mike Rep and the Quotas, Chanel No. 5, Weather Weapon, as well as being mysteriously involved in The Mystery. She… Read More

Charles B. Bowers Gallery

Charles B. Bowers Gallery   About the Artist Charles Bowers is a Virginia-based painter and illustrator. His work can be found at The Crossroads Art Gallery in Richmond, at The Williamsburg Art Gallery in Williamsburg, and in Hollywood movies.     Read More

Sea Witch

Sea Witch   About the Artist Rice McKelvin is a mixed media portrait artist that lives in the Baltimore area. Their passion for art history and pop culture influences their work. Their unique experiences have left them with PTSD, that they choose to draw inspiration from. Art started as a way for Rice to cope… Read More