The Everybody Club

The Everybody Club Textured watercolor and ink pen on paper About the Artist Eris Gentle is a multimedia artist in Austin, TX, who holds a deep appreciation for the absurdity of existence. Her work in painting and drawing, clay sculpture, film making, poetry, and performance art often point out the surreal elements and underlying enchantments… Read More


Manne-can't Acrylic paint "I wanted to explore problems in society dealing with body image. I think it is very important to teach young men and women that they are beautiful, in their own skin." About the Artist Sally Stokes is a senior at Hawley High School. She’s a cool gal who loves art. Read More

Gallery – Daphne Thieu-Uyen Do

Red Blue Table Poplar Wood, Milk Paint, PolyWhey A table drawn from geometric shapes and unnatural human-made forms like pasta, noodles, playgrounds, and elastics for braces. Hooks Maple veneer, Acrylic Paint, and Polyacrylic Hooks are curved or bent devices for catching, holding, pulling, or suspending something. They serve our needs throughout everyday life and are… Read More

Luv U (Love All About You)

Luv U (Love all about you) Acrylic on canvas It is a cold morning when you wake to find that someone you loved for years is not only not interested in who you are..but is not interested in anything other than the slavery role they want you to play. Everything still looks all put together… Read More

Gallery – Jeff Robinson

Jeff Robinson About the Artist Deep inside there is a rage of creativity that has been bound up and caged for over 30 years. Jeff Robinson graduated from the art institute of Pittsburgh there teachers forced him to obey the rules of art. That’s when art became work. After receiving a degree he sold all… Read More

Dancing Cosmos

Dancing Cosmos Watercolor About the Artist Kye Hyun Park was born and raised in South Korea. Right after she received her bachelor's degree in Graphic Art, she got a job as a graphic designer in South Korea and New York City. The summer of 2011, she completed her master's degree in Animation and Visual Effects… Read More

Gallery – Ian Fennelly

1. Amsterdam 2. Cheshire 3. Lobster Nets, Crail 4. Monmartre 5. Montelpulciano 6. Olive Tree, Orgiva 7. Porto 2 8. The Eastgate, Chester 9. The Shambles 10. Tower Bridge   About the Artist When making art, Ian Fennelly is drawn to the urban environment; where people interact with the busy spaces that surround them. He tries… Read More