Sea Witch

Sea Witch   About the Artist Rice McKelvin is a mixed media portrait artist that lives in the Baltimore area. Their passion for art history and pop culture influences their work. Their unique experiences have left them with PTSD, that they choose to draw inspiration from. Art started as a way for Rice to cope… Read More

Cass Waters Gallery

Cass Waters Gallery   About the Artist Cass Waters studied painting unconventionally at unaccredited alla prima schools across the states. In 2022, she began teaching at The Palette & Chisel Fine academy of fine art and co-founded the Chicago Artist's Skill Exchange. Cass's current series "Microbial Animism" is inspired by her interest in microbiology and… Read More

The Doors of Perception in Palestine

The Doors of Perception in Palestine 3 About the Artist Until recently, NICHOLAS KARAVATOS was an assistant professor of poetics at the Arab American University of Palestine near Jenin in The West Bank. He was a U.S. Ambassador’s Distinguished Scholar to Ethiopia in 2018 at Bahir Dar University, and from 2006 through 2017, an assistant… Read More

Sun Jewels

Sun Jewels About the Artist Rollin Jewett is an award winning playwright, screenwriter, singer/songwriter, poet, author and photographer. His screenwriting credits include “Laws of Deception” and “American Vampire”. His short stories, poetry and photography have been published in numerous literary magazines and anthologies and his plays have been produced all over the world.     Read More
This is Beauty

Aayan Khasgiwala Gallery

This Is Beauty and Anonymity Aayan Khasgiwala Gallery   About the Artist Aayan Khasgiwala is from Dallas, Texas. He's been making photographs for the past seven years, using photography to capture small moments exuding the emotions he felt on that day, in the moment of the shot.     Read More

Art Therapy: Yin and Yang

Art Therapy: Ying and Yang About the Artist Christine Williams is a Maryland poet and artist that writes poems based on life experiences. When it comes to her art, her favorite medium to work with is yarn on canvas. She appreciates patterns and making various shapes by mixing colors of yarn and making a work… Read More

Allison Clark Gallery

Allison Clark Gallery Story of Her Life: Dinner Party and Mindless Behavior About the Artist Allison Clark Since Allison was young, she has always loved art. Her skills were encouraged by my family and peers until high school, when she started taking technical drawing courses. She hated being critiqued for her unique style, as it… Read More

Virg Gallery

virg. Gallery About the Artist virg. / bio Mediterranean artist. I love the carved images on the early Minoan sealstones, linear A and B, they are tantalising, inscrutable, grotesque. Mediterranean is my culture, heritage. I have a heart, inner man. I believe in life, art is at the core and I mind humanity. Human being… Read More

Bordnick Mixed Media

Bordnick Mixed Media About the Artist Jack Bordnick's interest are to create artistic, meaningful works of art that can be enjoyed by all peoples and cultures. Being a designer and sculptor, has allowed him to share my professional experiences, in a beneficial way for both business and community projects of this nature. He has been… Read More