Charles B. Bowers Gallery

Charles B. Bowers Gallery   About the Artist Charles Bowers is a Virginia-based painter and illustrator. His work can be found at The Crossroads Art Gallery in Richmond, at The Williamsburg Art Gallery in Williamsburg, and in Hollywood movies.     Read More

Gallery – Natascha Graham

Natascha Graham Artwork About the Artist Raised simultaneously by David Bowie and Virginia Woolf, Natascha Graham is a fiction writer, artist, and screenwriter who lives with her wife in a house full of sunshine on the east coast of England. Her work has been previously published in Acumen, Litro, Flash Fiction Magazine and The Gay… Read More

Visual Art – Shurijo Castle as Ukiyo-e

Shurijo Castle as Ukiyo-e About the Artist A Rolling Stones fan and a literal rolling stone, Beenish Khan has lived in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom before settling in the USA. Her love of the arts is innate and longstanding, and she is always eager to diversify her palate by absorbing… Read More

Visual Art – Bubble Gum Body

Bubble Gum Body About the Artist Maya Hazarika is currently a student at UT, working towards her degrees in Architecture and Architectural Engineering. Her current artistic works are experiments in the expression of the human body using vibrant color. Rather than focusing on anatomical accuracy, she attempts to break the subject up into visually appealing… Read More

Gallery – Katya Kan

1. Pandora's Box 2. Iam 3. Field of Dreams 4. The Return of the Little Prince 5. No. 7 6. Just Do It 7. Timespace   About the Artist An idiosyncratic specimen of globalization, Katya Kan was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, her father being North Korean and her mother being Russian. Having caught a glimpse… Read More

Gallery – Kate Truman

1. Fall 2. Fill Me 3. Lula 4. Hush About the Artist Kate Truman drew before she could write. A student at The University of Texas, Austin, she continues to create when she can. This series explores the darkness and beauty found in imagination and in nature. To her, these pieces symbolize freedom within containment.… Read More

Visual Art – Road

Road About the Artist Oksana Reznik's artworks explore human presence in environment and a trail that remained, combining her own feelings, memories and imagination with a certain place or situation. She received her PhD at the Lviv National Academy of Arts in 2013. She currently lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine. Read More

Dancing Cosmos

Dancing Cosmos Watercolor About the Artist Kye Hyun Park was born and raised in South Korea. Right after she received her bachelor's degree in Graphic Art, she got a job as a graphic designer in South Korea and New York City. The summer of 2011, she completed her master's degree in Animation and Visual Effects… Read More

Gallery – Ian Fennelly

1. Amsterdam 2. Cheshire 3. Lobster Nets, Crail 4. Monmartre 5. Montelpulciano 6. Olive Tree, Orgiva 7. Porto 2 8. The Eastgate, Chester 9. The Shambles 10. Tower Bridge   About the Artist When making art, Ian Fennelly is drawn to the urban environment; where people interact with the busy spaces that surround them. He tries… Read More