Apricity Volume VI

  • Volume VI takes you on the journey of the phoenix, a legendary immortal bird from Greek mythology. According to legend, only one phoenix is alive at a time, living exactly 500 years before exploding into a pile of ash. Volume VI starts in the ashes, and the death of the old phoenix is represented through dark blues and stark pieces. But then, out of the ashes, a new phoenix rises — the epitome of renewed youth and beauty. This rebirth is portrayed using bright pieces and hues of orange.

Volume V Ebook

  • Volume V takes you on a journey through three stages. You begin in a dreamland, surrounded by clouds and light pastels. Then, you take a sudden dip into reality. Bright greens, vines, and lily pads jostle you through a set of more challenging pieces. Finally, you're thrown into your worst nightmare. The art within this final section is more difficult to partake in. Overall, this volume promises to take you on a journey of altering states, each open to your own interpretation. Join us, dear dreamer, and experience the power of the surreal.

Volume IV Ebook

  • “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” - Pablo Picasso As we grow, we are expected to mature and overcome the whimsies of childhood. Great art defies such expectation – great art reveals the human spirit in its entirety and embraces the wisdom of adulthood, the discovery that accompanies adolescence, and the wonder embodied in childhood. Join us as we grow out of adulthood and into childhood through this volume.
  • June 22, 2020
  • 70 pages

Volume III


    Volume III of Apricity explores the tender dichotomy of the heavens and the underworld.