How I Feel About Things on My Skin

Author | Megha Saha

There are days when I fantasize about
clean white sheets and a shiny water
faucet bending down with its slender
neck over a tub full of Lemon Zest
Body Wash and luxury.

I don’t think it’s shallow that I love
the cold burst of air folding out
into the cantilevered balcony like clouds of heavenly
mirth- now mingling with potpourri
and cedarwood incense.

It only makes sense that I don’t like
Things on my skin-it wrecks my day;
And muddy hands or flowers in my hair
There’s solace in the patterns of the
Forest green wallpaper;

I wish I could say the same about
the stretched out sky over the sticky
autumnal earth and bees swarming-
and hell breaking loose over the
Barely-there shrubbery- so unkempt.

About the Author | Megha Saha hails from the busy and sticky city of Kolkata. She is 19 years old and is currently in the first year of a five year BA LLB course at Gujarat National Law University. Her writing has been published in magazines like eFiction India, Textploit and Saintbrush. She has sudden bouts of affection sugary food and steaming-hot coffee.

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