What is Apricity? We’re a magazine, a team, and a mission to give today’s groundbreaking artists a place for their voices to be heard. Learn more about us below.

Who We Are

APRICITY, n. | From the Latin ‘apricitas’, the warmth of the sun in the midst of winter

Apricity Magazine sprouted from an idea: we want to encompass all art in our fold. Founded in 2016 by Margaret Siu, we are the official literary and arts magazine of the University of Texas at Austin. We are an award winning publication that accepts literary, visual, and performing works from across the world: from Austin to Taipei to Islamabad to Dublin. We then select the finest to showcase in our annual print edition, which competes at collegiate competitions. We’ve published artists affiliated with and featured by entities such as Science, British Vogue, Smithsonian Magazine, PEN, USC School of Cinematic Arts, National Public Radio, Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards, Kyung Hee University, Rhode Island School of Design, Austin Symphony Orchestra, and the American Academy of Poets.

In March 2019, Analecta merged with Apricity, making Apricity the official literary and arts journal of the University of Texas at Austin. Analecta was founded in the fall of 1974 by a group of UT students on the College Council for Humanities. Headed by Thomas Belinoski, the staff published the first volume of Analecta in the spring of 1975. The staff hoped to create a journal that would be around for years to come instead of going out of print after a few issues, as most small-press literary magazines do. The magazine went on to publish the likes of Wes Anderson. As of Analecta and Apricity’s merger, the staff of Apricity has started archiving the 45 years of the University of Texas at Austin’s past community literary and art history. Apricity is a sponsored project of the University of Texas at Austin’s Senate of College Councils.

Currently, the editorial board is staffed by 37 students from UT, dedicated to elevating scintillating stories above the bleak, cold mountains of the world.


Every year, we submit our annual print edition to competitions for review.

First Place Pinnacle Award
Recognized as the winner for the Four-Year Literary Magazine of the Year
Magazine Pacemaker Award
Recognized by the Associated Collegiate Press
Literary Arts Magazine Pacemaker Award
Recognized as a Finalist by the Associate Collegiate Press
Recognized by the National Scholastic Press Association as a Finalist
Literary Magazine Pinnacles Award
3rd Place Four-Year Literary Magazine of the Year from the College Media Association.
Gold Crown
Recognized by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association with a Gold Crown, given in New York City on behalf of Columbia University
Apple Award
2nd Place Cover Design given in New York City at the annual CMA Spring Conference
Gold Circle Award
Recognized by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, 3rd Place for Design of a Single Spread
2019, 2018, 2017
Gold Medalist
Recognized by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association with a Gold Medal

Meet the Aprici-Team

Executive Team

Design Director     Manoo Sirivelu
Performing Arts Editor     Gavin Harris
Executive Associate     Angela Gjini
Business Manager     Shyla Sinha
Literary Editor     Evie Brousseau
Editor-in-Chief      Neha Donthineni
Managing Editor     Kerryn Xu

Managing Team

Managing Editor     Kerryn Xu
Editor-in-Chief     Neha Donthineni
Executive Associate     Angela Gjini

Design Team

Design Associate    Kaissa Doichev
Design Director     Manoo Sirivelu
Design Associate     Sam Salabit

Visual Arts Team

Visual Arts Editor     Mengjia Sun
Visual Arts Reader     Dylan Recker
Visual Arts Reader     Maria Belen Deiros Jedrysiak
Visual Arts Reader     Vikram Banga
Visual Arts Reader     Veronica Fang
Visual Arts Reader     Antonio Arizmendi
Visual Arts Reader     Ricardo Abeyta
Visual Arts Reader     Alice Qu
Visual Arts Reader     Saarah Hasan

Business Team

Business Associate     Claire Qu
Business Manager     Shyla Sinha

Publicity Team

Publicity/Events Manager     Ava Motes
Publicity Associate     Julianna Riccoli
Publicity Associate     Claire Qu
Publicity Associate     Meera Hatangadi
Publicity Associate     Kaytlen Parker
Publicity Associate     Sunwoo Kim
Publicity Associate     Rainna Goel

Literary Team

Literary Editor     Everette Brousseau
Literary Reader     Alec Weigel
Literary Reader     Belle Dupre
Literary Reader     Nick Rao
Literary Reader     Raina Zhang
Literary Reader     Juliette Roberts
Literary Reader     Alex Zhang
Literary Reader     Christian DeBrady
Literary Reader     Evan Koroma
Literary Reader     Celeste Hoover
Literary Reader     Gabrielle Mousa

Performing Arts Team

Performing Arts Editor     Gavin Harris
Performing Arts Associate     Antonio Arizmendi

Board of Directors

Chair | Margaret Siu
Business Director | Sharon Zhou
Creative Director | Eileen Bau
Performing Arts Director | Austin Ali
Visual Director | Rebekah Singleton
Operations Director | Madeleine Richter-Atkinson

Thank You to our Supporters

Founder’s Circle Members

Jeanne & Mickey Klein
Dr. George Christian
Dr. Michael Stoff
Dr. Randy Diehl
Dr. Betty Sue Flowers
Dr. Alexandra Wettlaufer
Dr. Elizabeth Cullingford
Dr. David Genecov
Lee Walker
Alicia Chen
David Ochsner
Mark Hurtubise
Morton Meyerson
Victoria Miller
Margaret Siu
William and Gloria Siu
Dr. Rebecca Teng
Yvonne Yeung
Huvishka Ali
Martin Kevorkian

Institutional Support

Plan II Honors Program
University of Texas at Austin College of Liberal Arts
University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts

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