Love or Loathe?

Author | Aliza Siddiqui

Should I love or loathe those who have a friend? 
A friend who rejects and betrays till the end…
Should I sigh or scream about those who share, 
Lose everything and still remain free from despair?
Should I shout or sing about the one
who is an only child, 
Without the hassle and responsibility of another sibling – 
Tiring and wild?

What I think and believe is that,
Friends are like white tissues –
They are used, forgotten and ‘made’ once again
They will forget you too, to find
another one again…
The amity between the two is so admirable
That my eyes hurt at even a glimpse of a pair,
A pair of people who care and love, 
Watched by a lovelorn glare. 
What about the ones who have not a soul to
lay a shoulder on,
With not an ear to tell or a voice
to listen to?

I pity those who suffer such a poignant situation
filled with the misery of melancholia,
A forlorn hope belongs to this age and era of a desperate plea…

Should I love or loathe those who have such a tender relationship that the moon winces at the silhouette of one?
Should I whisper or whistle about those whose hearts weep for attention, 
But, in return, receive none?
Should I admire or desire the warmth of a connection with someone so foolish but yet bring a state of happiness and peace amidst this life?

Yes, indeed. 
In reality, I ask myself about the will-o’-the-wisp. 

Should I love or loathe those who seem to be
envied by me?

About the Author | Aliza Siddiqui was born in Houston, Texas in 1999, to Pakistani physicians who later divorced, leading to her cosmopolitan world travel experiences that characterized her varied upbringing, ranging from London, to Bahrain, to Oman, to California. Publishing a trivial limerick in the fifth grade in a British Library anthology book, and subsequently winning an English class creative writing contest in the seventh grade, Siddiqui has always enjoyed writing, particularly about romance genres, fictional topics, and melancholic life relationships in the form of poetry. She has published her poetry extensively in her once-local Omani newspaper, called theweek. For leisure, watching romance movies, sleeping, and refining this cycle to perfection remain the activities that top the list; poetry writing belongs exclusively to occasional whims.

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