The Evolution of Safe Spaces

Author | Ziqra Zarook

alcoves built from blankets/ an edge tucked into a window pane / the sun’s temporary farewell as a rainbow, watered down / haven contained by the opposite edge behind a dresser

the introduction of constellations to the night sky / pastels luminous against the backdrop of silent desperation / gunpowder scented summer air, helium in our bones

the gardens our kingdoms / wicker canes once used to punish now wielded as wands / magic intertwining little hearts / painting joy across stoic faces with whispered words

flowers strewn across worn-out pavements / scaling trees and weaving crowns / silent watchers on the wall / a single record on loop

barred doors and shadowed closets / fires rekindled in the presence of the other / hoarded laughter, shared secrets / hearts only beating in the presence of the other

fingers dancing across the valleys of bruising spines / wine in the form of apple fizz / love in the form of unspoken promises

crevices between the arches of shoulder blades and the hollows between ribs / inhabiting the universe between two beings expanding inwards / hearts erratic but breathing in sync

feet sore from running / pain abandoned in treasuries / faith salvaged from smouldering wreckage / birds with clipped wings taking to the skies

bruised arms, warm arms / home, even on the streets / a refuge from sadness and a refuge for sadness

souls tasting of burnt sugar / shaky smiles and painted rainbows across cheekbones / comfort in the remains of these woodwork bodies

nights spent relearning old constellations / tracing worlds on inner palms, a held promise / doorways shaped for the other in vaulted minds / winter in our bones but fires lit everlasting

Blanket forts with each other as the blankets and the supports / as company, as heart and as home

About the Author | Ziqra Zarook is fresh out of high-school, has more friends than books and lives in a state of constant procrastination. She has always enjoyed writing but has only recently decided to take things a step further and make a name for herself.

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