Concrete Willows Sway

Author | Ken Allan Dronsfield

I watched the sunrise on a cool day
ducks spar for bread at the city pond
hot coffee steams in cups of gold hue
bikes on parade, just another Sunday.
I play the worn paths in red flipflops
amazed by the dresses on little dogs
owners guide or lead from tree to tree
I’m watching the concrete willows sway
as toy sailboats race off in harsh winds
I fidget and quiver in a strange warmth
listening for coins dropping in my cup
colored balloons on sale only a buck
clown looks like Gacy, nefarious in life
I ponder my escape on a different path
but ponies pass, maybe lost unicorns?
I sit on a bench to enjoy a nice burger,
squirrels ran up and snatched the thing;
but was it a squirrel, or a huge city rat?
I’m not sure, as I’m blinded once again
the self-medicating will do it every time
cotton candy selling in rainbow or pink
strum a tune and one more coin plunks
during another lost day in the city park
whilst enjoying a handful of skittles.

About the Author | Ken Allan Dronsfield is a disabled veteran and poet from New Hampshire, now residing on the southern plains of Oklahoma. He has one poetry collection, “The Cellaring” and is Co-Editor for 2 anthologies, “Dreamers of Yellow Haze” and “Dandelion in a Vase of Roses”. His work has appeared in The Burningword Journal, Scarlet Leaf Review, Black Poppy Review, The Blue Heron, The song is…, EMBOSS Magazine and more. Ken has three Pushcart Prize nominations and two for Best of the Net 2016-2017.

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