Author | Sahib Chandnani

Fresh milk, rice,
and sweet ghee,
the nectar that
dripped through
naughty Krishna’s fingers
as he hid from the gopis,
perfume the room with
the scent of the stars
and the planets.
The smell
of the yajna will
remind you that
this is no ordinary fire.
This is the yajna–
The dance of
Kali, the demon slayer
–each flaming tendril licking
life out of the air
as it drinks wood
and slowly,
the way a flutist breathes
himself into silver.

About the Author | Sahib Chandnani is a college sophomore attending the University of Texas at Austin and is majoring in Computer Science and Plan II Honors. He began to write creatively in the fourth grade, and became interested in poetry because of an outstanding teacher and a brilliant friend. He is now experimenting with performance/slam poetry.

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