I hold you in the way an aimless car ride
picks you up in both hands to bring you
close enough to whisper
You could drive to California
right now
to put your feet in the ocean
and nobody could stop you
fragile magic – gentle enough to be mistaken
for opportunity – visits us from time to time
and we wander into it – aimless together
if I kiss you now it could
just be a kiss
and that’s all and that’s enough
and nothing will change
I tell myself these little lies
so when I tell myself the truth
it can feel like California.

About the Author

Don Martin is the author of two collections of poetry. His previous work, The Playground, was selected by Barnes & Noble as part of their #BFestBuzz campaign. His latest collection, while I wait to be a god again, came out earlier this year and debuted at #1 on Amazon’s LGBT Poetry list. He lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his husband and their pets. To find him on social media click below.