The crickets are harder to hear now-
September turning into October.
      And I lie awake
      Turning away from the pillow-my head
Drifts slowly into the night.

It is not the thought of you that
Keeps me awake-
      But your hands
As they climb my back
Looking for a spot to rest between my shoulder blades.
      Your fingers move as
Flickering against the window.
      I remember last year that they seemed to appear in the few weeks after the
Not grasshoppers-
Had fallen silent.

      Push my hair back from my face.

What do you crave?

      I want to see your eyes
Dark and deep as they
Sink into the night-
Grace notes of
A lady’s song
      Sung-a song
Suspended in me.

Endear my body as it
Moves with you
Loved as surrender
Under the blankets-an unforeseen delight-ardent-
      Weaves a trail of sleep for me to follow.

About the Author

Ann Pedone
1140 Ahwahnee Dr
Millbrae, Ca 94030
(415) 871-3427

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