research says college students are more stressed than ever
it’s time to prove it- who’s the most overworked one here?
oh, two hours? i got one. sick, right?
it’s sleep deprivation, unmedicated brain folds
four iced coffees, nevergotothedoctor chic

it’s sick, in a good way, in a two-thousand and four way
until it’s not- until you’re sick
a maddening migraine, ‘might as well be dead’ pain
except in your kidneys now, not your skull
can’t vomit your way out of this one

no one answers your snaps now
driving yourself on icy black to a clinic
where are your friends now that you’re hydroplaning?
you make it but you’re shaking when you hand over your id
granola bars mock you from the vending machine

saint john gives you doxycycline
for the infection
but nothing too strong
for the pain
there’s an opioid epidemic, you selfish asshole

culture mailed off in a little piss cup
evidence of your lifestyle- our culture
have it test-tubed by someone who couldn’t understand
you’re having the time of your life
the world could die tomorrow

finish your antibiotics
drink more water
pee after sex
you’ll be fine
and you’ll pay six hundred dollars for the pleasure

About the Author

Paxton Knox is a queer writer and poet. They were born in Arkansas, and currently live in Oklahoma where they study sociology and creative writing. They long to be reading on a beach somewhere.