Content Warning: Depiction of Death or Terminal Illness


Jaspers has differentiated delusional perceptions,
Delusional ideas or notions and delusional awareness.
Mystifying the patient, apocalyptic endowed
A thought or memory passing through.
Conviction: gift of prophecy
Fallen from eyes. A king
Spoken from the pulpit
Florid, acute psycho-sis.
Charged with world-shaking knowledge,
A plague begun in a town nearby.
We all get to wear costumes!
The borderland traced disturbances,
Alterations in size, colour and brightness or contrast;
Temporal lobes; these in association
With apparitions
Form the concept of the lying primary.
Derealization (Gurney, 1969).
Ness within trees.
Flowers or by the countryside.
Psychic equivalents, cousins.

About the Author

Jasper Glen is a poet from Vancouver, BC. He holds a BA in Philosophy and a JD. His poems appear or are forthcoming in Posit, NiftyLit, Streetlight Magazine, fauxmoir, Pinky Thinker Press, The Ekphrastic Review, The Antonym, and Island Writer Magazine.