1. Alone In the End

2. The Pariah


About the Artist

Eduardo Florentino Morales is a self taught artist born and raised in Dallas, TX. He has been doing art most of his life. Thanks to his strict father, Florentino was always in his room drawing everyday. As the years passed he got better. When he first started, it was always just pencil on paper then as he got older, he moved to charcoal and pastels. It wasn’t until after graduation that he decided to pick up a brush and experience acrylics and oils. When it came time to be adult and get an office job he put painting aside which basically became a hobby. His break came in 2015 when his work started getting recognized on social media and he started getting invited to shows and getting asked to do commissioned pieces. The requests for commissioned work was keeping him so busy that he eventually had to resign from his job and pursue his passion/career as an artist. His passion for art grew stronger once he started making money doing what he loved. Most of his work is known for its obvious distortion, he enjoys using pallet knifes and plastic or rubber squeegees to distort the painting, adding a little “broken” to the beautiful. His recent work is inspired by the renaissance and medieval era but his views in inspiration is constantly changing. Monet and Van Gogh are 2 of the artists he truly admires. His purpose is that long after he’s gone, his name will remain alive through his work.